Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rich Pyle Quits American Jewelry & Loan and Hardcore Pawn

Rich Pyle Quits American Jewelry & Loan and Hardcore Pawn

The following is an excerpt from the upcoming book, "The Brawn Behind The Pawn"

It's true, fan favorite Rich Pyle has quit working at American Jewelry & Loan. Better known as the pawn shop featured on the show Hardcore Pawn.

Rich was becoming very popular on the show. If you know anything about the Gold's, they don't like anyone becoming bigger than they are. Les has a very big ego. Seth is a power and control person just like his dad.

Ashley, well she doesn't even work for the shop. She only shows up during film weeks so she can collect her part of a paycheck from the production company.Oh and by the way, the production company is owned by Les Gold.

Getting back to Rich and why he was fired. Rich, along with Big Joe, was becoming a fan favorite. The fans would show up at the pawn shop and ask to meet the two of them before they would ask to meet the three members of the Gold family.

It really got out of hand after the episode "Rich vs Les" on the season five finale. Check out the video below:

This setup Rich's return for the beginning of season six. Of course, you have to remember this is all scripted and fake. At least the part about Rich getting fired is not true. However, with Rich becoming so popular and the emails that were received during the off season, Les didn't care for the focus being off of his family.

Another issue Rich got in some hot water for, was his putting up posters around the shop promoting his band Superlast. This made Les furious in that an employee used the shop to promote their outside interest. Being an employee for twenty five years, Rich thought it wouldn't be an issue. He found out the hard way it was.

You want to read more of this story and more? Stay tuned for the book "The Brawn Behind The Pawn"

You don't want to miss it.


  1. Ashley is a total asshole. 100% RICH YENTA. Seth looks like that wimpy kid in high school that used to get his ass kicked every day. In the beginning he was cool, but he too is an ASSHOLE now, and Les is just a bag of kosher shit. All 3 of these puss bags think they're tough and wanna make themselves look like they don't take no shit but in all actuality, all 3 of them stand behind their huge BLACK bodyguards whenever they're liping off to someone...the true mark of a wimp shit. And they definitely script the scenes where people flip out. I heard they pay people to go in the store and bug out for the cameras.
    Just a bunch of media hungry kosher wimp shits who are not money drunk with their profits. Of course get Rich out of the eye of the public...he and big joe were only 2 interesting people there.

    1. Seth is daddy boy, his son and heir, says he wants his kids get on but blatently favours Seth over Ashley,

  2. UPDATE: He started his own gold business in Los Angeles, and rather than find someone to take his precious metals to the refinery, he decided to cut out the middle man.

    “Most people think jewelry is the upper end of it, but I found that it only accounts for 3 1/2 percent of the national consumption of precious metals,” he said. “I started thinking about where the other 96 1/2 percent was going, and that morphed into what it is now — finding precious metals in weird, interesting places.”

    Soon the National Geographic Channel came calling.

    “It all twisted into this idea, and shortly after National Geographic called and asked what I was up to,” he said. “It’s not like I was out there looking for a new show. … I was just trying to find a way to support my family and it all fell in my lap.”

    As fate would have it, his outgoing TV persona helped him win another starring role.

    He’s now part of “Meltdown,” a new show on the National Geographic Channel that follows him and two other urban treasure hunters searching for precious metals in unlikely places, hoping to turn junk into gold.

    Dave Herndon, The News-Herald The News of Downriver

  3. Everytime i see the Golds on their show I just want to run into them somewhere and DARE them to tslk to ME or treat me like they do some of those folks on their show. Now,
    some, in fact ,MANY, of those folks deserve the way the Golds treat them. Notice I said "SOME" and NOT "all". There are many times I've watched the Golds treat their customers like they were beneath them or something. Ashley is nothing more than a spoiled brat, Daddies little princess , arrogant BITCH who needs the crap knocked out of her.
    Seth is an arrogant little prick who reminds me of that kid in school who always got his ass kicked because his alligator mouth was always overriding his tweety bird ass. Seth only THINKS he's "bad" because, like ALL the Golds, Les, Ashley AND Seth, they hide behind their huge body guards ( figuratively and litterally) knowing that these guys arent going to let them get hurt.

    If ANY of the Golds were to be approached and confronted by one of these pissed off customers, outside their business and after the cameras were off and the body guards no longer around, I GUARANTEE you that NONE of these wimpy assed, big mouthed, arrogant pussys would speak to, or treat, the customer like they do when in front of the cameras and with theirbodyguards protecting them.

    I look forward to the day when I read that someone has finally made them , ANY of them, eat a knuckle sandwich followed by a side of "foot up their ass".

    And what they did to Rich was simply another example of how low down dirty and arrogant the 3 of them are. I hope Rich goes on to become more popular than them AND becomes RICHER than them, too.

    1. Well said if I was ever spoken to like that in a store id take the custom elsewhere!

  4. When you rise to their status, it just shows how arrogant, small and stupid they act on t.v., and I wonder what they really are like in person do they talk to others and treat them the same as on the t.v., or they a different type of person, at one time I liked the show but seems to be losing steam and looks like the conductor may have to pull the brakes on this out of control train

  5. Les doesn't own the production company, so there's that.

  6. Rich was the only employee who showed any promise as a potential manager of the store, to replace Les.

    Ashley is a childish nobody, with absolutely no management or leadership skills, and no apparent knowledge of anything outside of the Jewelry department. Seth, while passably knowledgeable in a number of areas, is an arrogant little twit that the employees don't respect. In spite of his claims, his management & supervisory skills are rudimentary at best.

    Rich not only "knew his stuff," but was cool-headed, calm and had reached the adulthood that both Gold kids are unlikely to ever achieve.

    While it's sad to let a business go out of a family, i believe that Les's smartest move would have been to let his kids retain controlling ownership, give Rich a significant piece of the action, and insist that Rich actually run the store.

    Unfortunately, I'd be willing to bet that the store will go downhill fast after Les passes, and if those kids insist on running it, it will be barely alive within five years.

    Letting Rich go was the dumbest move of Les's life.

    1. The jews I mean Golds were never going to put Rich in as a main manager taking over for Les strictly because Rich is not a jew, jews are really racist or whatever.

  7. Les gold is the best negotiater I've seen, watch is skill at buying product, u will learn a lot, is children are just late in maturing , very childish at times, but remember, TV do edit the bits to make them look fools at times. We love it in the UK ! Keep it coming, p.s getting rid of rich was a bad mistake, the new blond who took is place, is not good viewing, she sounds dumb, and comes across terrible, get her gone les !

  8. The show just really stopped being interesting after season 4. Now it's just wash, rinse, and repeat of everything they've already done. And do they expect people to just accept the fact that something AMAZING will walk into the door every time things are going a little dull? Does no one catch on that every single time something really nice comes in, and Les goes "I don't care about anything, I'm going to own that!" that there is never a deal, and he low balls them horribly? "Oh, you brought in a clean, beautiful, $200k fancy car? Ok, will you take $2k for it?"

    Them letting Rich go proved it to me. The show is a horrible lie, and not even close to what actually happens in the store. It got to the point where I would catch an episode PRAYING that Seth or Ashley gets punched in the face. I do like how in early seasons they'd do a "store meeting" and there would be 30-40 people there, and in later seasons the meetings would have 8 people there lol

  9. Will Big Joe ever release that book???

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